What Is Angle Snapping On A Mouse?

Ever wondered what angle snapping is on a mouse? If you have, then this is the article for you! 

What is Angle Snapping?

Mouse Snapping is a feature that uses the mouse sensor to smooth out the path you’re traveling to with the mouse, ignore certain degrees of movement in some other direction, and make straight lines a piece of cake.

What Is Angle Snapping On A Mouse

In other words, when you move your mouse along the horizontal, the mouse will try to predict your movements and will ignore any movement in the vertical direction.

Should Angle Snapping Be On Or Off?:

Most people don’t really think about it much but they like to have their mouse snap on. It’s nice and makes things seem more precise.

However, whether you have Angle Snapping turned on or off depends on what you use your mouse for.

If you have a need to draw a straight line only using your mouse, then turn it off.

If you play a lot of fast-action FPS games then you don’t need it on.

How To Turn Off Mouse Snapping

The easiest way to turn off mouse snapping is by going to the system tray and right-clicking on the icon to your mouse’s software (if your mouse uses one) and choosing to turn off mouse snapping from there.

Alternatively, you can go to the settings menu and then to the mouse preferences menu. Then, scroll down to the “Mouse Sensors” section and check the box next to “Angle Snap”. If it’s not already ticked, click on it and it will turn on or off.

Is Angle Snapping Good For Gaming?:

If you want to get more precise with your movements and make your strokes more accurate, then turn off mouse snapping.

Is Angle Snapping Good For Gaming

In other words, if you’re playing a first-person shooter game, then make sure that you turn snapping off as it could make precision aiming an impossibility.

Angle snapping is an important feature to some people.

It’s nice to have because it makes things feel more precise and gives the illusion that you’re moving things around on a piece of paper with a ruler instead of just trying to use the mouse sensor to see where you’re moving it.

However, it can be a drawback if you’re playing games.