Is Mouse Acceleration Good Or Bad For Gaming?

When it comes to gaming, mouse acceleration is one of the most important things that you should know about. It is because it makes your mouse much faster than the usual speed and it is considered one of the most important parts of gaming.

Mouse Acceleration Good Or Bad

So, let’s see if mouse acceleration is good or bad for gaming?

What is mouse Acceleration?

Mouse Acceleration is a feature of Windows that lets you control how fast the cursor moves on your screen. Mouse acceleration can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you use it. It can be helpful when working on large monitors where your mouse can be hard to reach.

In technical terms, mouse acceleration refers to how the mouse cursor moves over an area of the screen in relation to how fast you move the mouse. You can use mouse acceleration to speed up or slow down the movement of the cursor.

When you move the mouse faster than normal, the cursor will move more quickly across the screen. And when you move the mouse slower, the cursor moves more slowly.

Does Mouse Acceleration Affect Games?

If you turn on mouse acceleration in Windows, it will usually not transfer over to games.

In order to use acceleration in-game, you may need to turn it on within the games settings or the settings within your mouse’s software menu.

Is Mouse Acceleration Good or bad for gaming?

Mouse Acceleration is bad for gaming as it can affect your muscle memory.

To master your in-game aim, you have to practice it.

It takes thousands of hours of practice to build muscle memory to aim like the pros.

When you have mouse acceleration enabled, you have an extra variable to deal with. 

Not only do you have to get used to your sensitivity and equipment, but you will also have to consider the added speed that mouse acceleration adds.

Since mouse acceleration affects muscle memory, most gamers tend to not use it.

Do Pros Use Mouse Acceleration?

CS:GO players such as XANTARES and HEN1, are among the very few pro gamers out there that actually use mouse acceleration.

Do Pros Use Mouse Acceleration

In the previous section, we mentioned how players don’t use it due to how it affects muscle memory. That is kind of canceled out if you only train with acceleration enabled from the start.

Training your aim with it enabled all of the time will allow you to get used to how it feels.

What Types of Mouse Accelerators Are Available?

There are a few different ways to enable or disable mouse acceleration. Some ways are better than others.

Here are the main ways to toggle these settings.

Windows Mouse Acceleration

Windows has a built-in mouse acceleration feature that you can use to make your mouse feel more responsive when using it.

Windows Mouse Acceleration

To get started, open up the control panel. Next, go to the Mouse settings.

From there, you can customize the mouse speed, scroll wheel speed, and zoom. You can also change the sensitivity settings.

If you do decide to turn it on using Windows, just remember that it may not transfer over to your game, so I recommend that you use another method unless you just want to use it on your desktop apps and not for gaming.

In-Game Mouse Acceleration

Games such as CS:GO and Fortnite have a mouse settings menu in which you can adjust your acceleration.

In-Game Mouse Acceleration

Software Mouse Acceleration

Most gaming mice come with their own software that can help you customize your mouse settings. 

Software Mouse Acceleration

In these settings, there is usually a way to alter the acceleration of your mouse.


It is important to know whether mouse acceleration is good or bad for gaming. I hope that this post has helped you to understand the concept of mouse acceleration and its use.