Is A Vertical Mouse Better For Gaming?

If you’re looking for a mouse that is a perfect blend of comfort and performance.

A vertical mouse is an all-new design and features an ergonomic grip with comfortable soft cushions, but is a vertical mouse better for gaming? Let’s find out.

Vertical Mouse VS Gaming Mouse: Which is better for gaming?

The vertical mouse is a classic design that’s been around for decades. It works well for general computer use, as it offers a great range of motion and has no moving parts.

Is A Vertical Mouse Better For Gaming

However, it’s not great for gaming because of the lack of DPI and polling rate.

The gaming mouse is a newer design and the most popular choice for gaming purposes. It has an ergonomic design that allows gamers to adjust the DPI and polling rate to their liking, making it a much better option for gaming purposes.

What does this mean for you? If you’re a gamer looking for a new gaming mouse, then you want one with an adjustable DPI and polling rate.

Range of Motion

Mouse control is important for vertical mice because at first, certain movements like panning and flicking will feel awkward due to muscle memory and an increased range of motion.

To work around this issue, you would need to increase your DPI settings, which will allow you to decrease the range of motion needed to move the mouse.


DPI stands for dots per inch, which is a measure of the resolution of the mouse. You’ll generally find two options: high DPI and low DPI.

Gaming mice usually have dedicated buttons on them to adjust the DPI on the fly, however, vertical mice may lack this feature.

Polling Rate

The polling rate is the speed at which the mouse’s sensor will react to movements made by the user. The higher the polling rate, the quicker the mouse will respond to user commands.

A gaming mouse usually has a faster polling rate than a vertical mouse.

This is because the gaming mouse is designed to be used in fast-paced games, such as shooters, FPS games, etc.


Ergonomics refers to the way your body interacts with the mouse. Ergonomically, the vertical mouse is superior to a traditional horizontal mouse.

Because of the position of the mouse, your wrist will need to move more when using the mouse, and this can cause discomfort. With a vertical mouse, the design of the mouse means that it is positioned differently and requires less movement from your hand.

For this reason, a vertical mouse is considered a better ergonomic mouse.


Vertical Mouse VS Gaming Mouse

The features of a gaming mouse are all things you can adjust to suit your needs.

The most common ones include:

  • DPI
  • Polling Rate
  • Number of Buttons
  • Weight Adjustment

When you buy a gaming mouse, the features you want are usually the most important thing to you. If you don’t have an option to change the DPI or polling rate, then you may want to look at other gaming mice.

Conclusion – Is A Vertical Mouse Better For Gaming?

If you’re looking for a new mouse that’s comfortable and won’t strain your wrists over long gaming sessions, then you might want to consider a vertical mouse.

However, if you need to be at your very best and play competitive games, you should go with a gaming mouse.