Do You Need A Gaming Mouse For Fortnite?

With Fortnite available for PC, many gamers have asked me if they need a gaming mouse.

Do You Need A Gaming Mouse For Fortnite

In this article, I’ll break down the pros and cons of a gaming mouse and answer the question ‘Do You Need A Gaming Mouse For Fortnite?

So, Do You Need A Gaming Mouse For Fortnite?

Let’s get this out of the way first.

No, you don’t NEED a gaming mouse to play Fortnite. But having one does have its benefits.

The Benefits Of Using A Gaming Mouse For Fortnite

Benefits Of Using A Gaming Mouse For Fortnite


A gaming mouse can be extremely precise. If you’re looking for precision and accuracy in your mouse, you need to look into a gaming mouse.

With a gaming mouse, you can aim with extreme precision by moving the cursor directly to your target. You can also move your cursor quickly across the screen, which makes it easy to move between different targets.


One of the most overlooked aspects of playing Fortnite is comfort. You need a comfortable mouse that allows you to play without fatigue or pain.

You can play Fortnite for hours on end, but if your mouse hurts or feels uncomfortable, you’ll soon become frustrated and give up.

A gaming mouse will help you avoid these problems because it has an ergonomic design.

More Buttons

If you’re a mouse user, you know that you’ll need more than just the left and right buttons to play.

Having more buttons than the standard two buttons is a bonus.

A gaming mouse usually has more buttons than a regular mouse, so you’ll have more control over the game.

These buttons are usually customizable so you will be able to map them to different things.

Want a dedicated build button away from your keyboard? Map it to one of the extra mouse buttons.


DPI settings are important to any gamer as they will help you get a competitive edge over the competition. When it comes to names such as Fortnite, a higher DPI is beneficial as it allows you to turn faster, and aim quicker.

It is also essential to sometimes lower your DPI in order to be more accurate (e.g. When sniping).

When you’re playing Fortnite, you won’t have time to adjust your DPI settings in the menu.

Hence, it’s best to have a mouse with DPI settings you can quickly access and adjust.

Almost all gaming mice come with dedicated buttons that can increase or decrease your DPI.

Are There Any Cons To Using A Gaming Mouse For Fortnite?

Cons To Using A Gaming Mouse For Fortnite


Most gaming mice are quite expensive. If you’re looking to spend $60 on your mouse, there are better options out there. However, if you really want a gaming mouse, you’ll have to pay for it.

If you’re willing to pay extra for a gaming mouse, it will be well worth it.

A Gaming Mouse Is Not An Essential Piece Of Equipment

While using a gaming mouse may be the best way to play Fortnite, it is not a necessity.

I believe that if you don’t have a gaming mouse and you want to play Fortnite, it’s fine. You can simply use a regular mouse, but if you’re looking for a better experience, a gaming mouse is the way to go.

Besides, there’s no point in getting a gaming mouse if you can’t afford it. If you’re just looking to get into Fortnite, a regular mouse will do just fine.


In conclusion, you don’t NEED a gaming mouse.

But if you’re looking to improve your gameplay, a gaming mouse is an excellent investment.

Some gamers like to think they need a gaming mouse for Fortnite, but in reality, they probably don’t.

That said, having a gaming mouse will definitely help you achieve your gaming goals. It’s also a great investment for any gamer who wants to increase their performance.

So, if you’re wondering ‘Do I Need A Gaming Mouse For Fortnite?’ the answer is ‘Maybe’.