Are Hard Mouse Pads Good For Gaming?

Many people have asked me ‘Are Hard Mouse Pads Good For Gaming?’ When I first got into gaming, I was using a normal office mouse with a 2 dollar mouse pad.

Are Hard Mouse Pads Good For Gaming

Needless to say, playing FPS games on it was a pain.

It was not until I got my first gaming mouse pad, which was the Zowie G-SR, that I was able to truly experience the difference a good pad makes.

These days I use the ‘Blade Hawks Gaming Mouse Pad’ which is a hard pad.

But hard mouse pads good for gaming? Let’s find out

Hard Vs. Soft Mouse Pads

A lot of people don’t know about the difference between a soft mouse pad and a hard mouse pad, and they think that all mouse pads are the same. But the truth is that there are two main categories of mouse pads – hard and soft. In this article, we’re going to focus on the differences between a hard and soft mouse pad, and how each of them will affect your gaming experience.

What are Hard Mouse Pads?

Hard mouse pads are a relatively new product in the world of mouse pads. While a lot of people are familiar with a soft mouse pad, they may not be familiar with a hard one.

What are Hard Mouse Pads

A hard mouse pad is a bit more expensive than a soft mouse pad, but it offers better performance in most cases.

Hard mouse pads are known for having a glossy finish, which is why they are also commonly referred to as ‘glossy mouse pads’.

Due to this finish, there is a lot less friction when compared to softer pads.

This means that your mouse will glide over it a lot quicker and easier.

This makes it perfect for gamers that need lightning-fast reaction times.

The surface of the mouse pad will also stay cleaner for longer periods of time, and will only need a quick wipe to clean it.

What Are Soft Mouse Pads?

Soft mouse pads are much more common in the world of mouse pads. They come in a variety of different designs and styles. One of the most popular soft mouse pads are ‘grip pads’, which are designed to hold your mouse in place.

What Are Soft Mouse Pads

These pads usually have rubber grip material on the bottom side of the pad.

They are designed to have more friction, they help keep your mouse from sliding around.

One downside to soft pads is the fact that you will need to clean them quite often.

Also, due to them being made of fabric, they tend to wear down after a while, so you will need to buy another one in the future.

Which One Is Best For Gaming?

Depending on your playstyle, either type of pad could be good for gaming.

Due to their slippery surfaces, hard mouse pads enable you to move your mouse more quickly, whereas soft mousepads have more friction, thus offering more control over your mouse movements.

If you don’t mind losing a little accuracy, hard pads are the way to go.

If your aim needs pinpoint precision, then I recommend you get a soft mouse pad.